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MTG Guide app iconMTG Guide gives you access to the latest Magic card text, card-specific FAQs/rulings and the complete Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules and Infraction Procedure Guide, all in an easy-to-read, searchable format on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Available on the App StoreFeatures:
● Current text of all existing Magic cards, including Plane, Scheme and Vanguard cards.
● Card text and FAQs/rulings for all Magic expansions.
● Only requires an internet connection when downloading database updates.
● Download database updates for new sets and rules document changes from within the app.
● Browse or search for cards from individual MTG expansions.
● Card-specific FAQ entries (rulings) for cards are displayed, where available. Includes all rulings available in Gatherer.
● All printings for cards are displayed with expansion, rarity, and collector number. Tapping these expands to show card images, prices from and a link to the Gatherer page.
● Legality information is included for all cards for the Standard, Extended, Modern, Legacy, Vintage and Commander formats.
● Quickly and easily search for particular cards by title, card #, full card text or rulings text.
● Complete text of the Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules and Infraction Procedure Guide in an easily browsable and searchable format.
● Search the rules documents and instantly find and browse all the matching sections, rules and sub-rules for your query.
● View related rules (e.g. “See also rule 204.3h.”) by tapping on them.
● Universal App: Customised view layouts for iPad, with support for all orientations.

This app has been carefully designed to be simple and fast to use.
If you have any suggestions for improvements, please suggest them via twitter (@MTGApps) or the website –

This app is not produced or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


  • Pocket Universe says:

    I just downloaded this app and hot damn, it’s good! Being able to search both amongst the rules and Oracle is just amazing.

    Hats off to you, sir.

  • Michael says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. It’s comments like this that make it worth putting the effort into designing really nice apps. 🙂

  • Strider says:

    Very nice app! I was looking for an app that would:
    – Display oracle wording for cards.
    – Display rulings accurate to a Gatherer search.
    – Be able to do this offline.

    The comprehensive rules feature is amazing! I hadn’t even considered that while looking for an app, as I carry the file in DOC and PDF on my device. But your implementation is super.

    One question – how do you pull the card rulings? I notice you quote the source from each ruling, but at times rulings on Gatherer are not mirrored. Fork for example carries a laundry list of rulings on Gatherer, but nothing in the app. Vesuvan Doppelganger shows the 2007 rulings, but not the 2004. Is there a way for you to draw in those rulings in addition to the newer ones?

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Strider!

    The included rulings all come from the official Magic set FAQ documents, i.e. from

    I didn’t previously include the Gatherer rulings cause I wasn’t sure whether they were kept up to date. Since it does look like there are a significant number that aren’t in the set FAQs I will look at including them in a future database update for you.

  • […] Updates are frequent so you will always have latest info right at you fingertips. Support: Michael Wybrow Web SiteMTG Guide Support App Name: MTG Guide Price: 4.99 Version: 2.8 Size: 3.4 MB Language: English […]

  • […] MTG Guide App – iPhone app including complete Magic the Gathering cards database with up-to-date rules text and rulings. Great for brainstorming deck ideas on the go. […]

  • […] MTG Guide App – iPhone app including complete Magic the Gathering cards database with up-to-date rules text and rulings. Great for brainstorming deck ideas on the go. […]

  • Kithkin Brawler says:

    Awe D: my friend showed me this app but it isn’t for the andriod. Will you ever put it on the Droid market for droid users?

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Kithkin Brawler!

    I have looked into this, but it would be a fair amount of work. For the moment I don’t have plans to rewrite MTG Guide for Android, especially since I don’t own or have access to any Droid devices.

    I’m instead focusing on creating other MTG apps that I wish existed. 🙂

  • cameron says:

    from the looks of it, the only thing this app is missing to be perfect is a poison/life counter piece, possibly set up in a scroll wheel, regardless of this a great app!

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Cameron!

    No immediate plans for poison or life counter right now, but I’ll keep it in mind.

  • Tara says:

    I love this app… there is only one thing that would make it better and that is addinga way to catolog your cards….. I’ve been searching for an app where i can input all my cards. ifound one called ‘Magic Db’ and it sounds awesome but i cant get it to work…. Maybe you can point me in the direction of an app where i can do that. Thank you so much.

  • Alfy says:

    Thanks a bunch for this great app. Having the complete rule book and all the cards specific rulings on my iPad is just amazing, I think I must be consulting MTG app a dozen times each week, especially when brewing decks. I really look forward any other app you will develop.

    Thanks again,


  • Michael says:

    Thanks Tara,

    I haven’t haven’t found a good one either… but I’m thinking about the problem.

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Alfy,

    It’s wonderful to get such enthusiastic feedback from a happy customer.

  • frank says:

    Hi Michael

    Just bought your app, amazing work.

    Do you plan on refining the card searching abilites? Maybe add at least filters for common/uncommon/R/MR and colors, lands?

    I think that feature would make the app just about perfect.


  • Michael says:

    Thanks Frank, I’m glad you like the app.

    Yes, I plan to add better search functionality in a future update. Now that I’ve added Gatherer rulings, I think that improved search is on top of the feature request list!

  • Andrew says:

    I need to tell you thanks for this great app. I bought it somewhere around a year ago (I think), and it’s been the single most consistently high-quality app on my phone. It’s intuitive, it’s informative, and you’re always (so far) on top of updating it quickly whenever something changes.

    I particularly enjoy the fact that the only function that needs the internet is the card art, since in the summers I spend most of my time in a place with no connection. The addition of the price function is icing on the cake, since that was the only thing I ever found myself looking at other card database apps for.

    So anyhow, thanks again. Money well spent on my end. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael says:

    Andrew, Thanks so much for your brilliant feedback. I really love hearing comments like this!

  • SG says:

    Awesome app! I use it a lot for reference. Would you be able to offer the user an option to always (automatically) load the card image? I end up loading the card image manually most of the time anyway, so having the option to do this automatically would be great!

  • Michael says:

    Thanks SG, I’ll look into doing that!

  • Dante says:

    I’m looking at getting this but wasn’t sure if it shows card prices while offline as I only have an Ipod touch so I can only use the internet when I have wifi

  • Michael says:

    Nope it does not. The card prices and images are the only non-offline content in MTG Guide.

    But the new “MTG Trades” app does have offline prices.

  • Nick strupat says:

    Hi Michael, our app looks awesome, I just can’t get it because it isn’t on the Canadian App Store. There are lots of MTG players up here and lots of iOS users.

    Anyway, this is my plea to help us get access to your app!

  • Michael says:

    There is something wrong here… both apps should be available on all iTunes stores, and I have sales on the Canadian store in the last week. Also, I just tried switching iTunes to use the Canadian store and I can see them.

    Only thing I can think is that an update for MTG Guide was released at around the time of your message, so maybe you checked right at the time when the update was being pushed to the App Store?

    Could you try again? If you still can’t see it, can you please tell me the steps of what you are doing to see the problem (so that I can chase it up with Apple)?

  • bbr says:

    i would kill to have a price guide integrated into this.

  • Michael says:

    bbr, it does have prices integrated into it. Just tap a printing for a card to see the card image and prices (while online).

    Also, I now have a dedicated pricing/trading app: MTG Trades.

  • Jamie says:

    The app is great, my only complaint is with the life counter. Even though the current life is highlighted in yellow, at an angle it’s hard to differentiate all the numbers on the screen (if you were, say, trying to see what your opponent had your life at). It’d be nice to see just the current life without the adjacent numbers showing. Also, I think the direction of the scrolling is not intuitive. Perhaps instead of having to click “Duel” after clicking new game, there could be a new game button that just resets what you’re currently at, and an option button of sorts for changing to EDH, TGH, etc.

  • Michael says:

    Hi Jamie, I think you may have confused this with a different app—MTG Guide doesn’t include a life counter.

  • Lawrence says:

    Any plans on putting this app on andriod?

  • Michael says:

    Not for the moment, Lawrence. The iOS apps are keeping me busy!

  • Lawrence says:

    No worries, I will wait, eventually it will be out =D

  • Michael says:

    Hey, you could put an automatic setting that when you are wifi conected the first thing that pops when you search a card is the card image. I think its the first thing everyone wants to see, come on its about trading cards, put all the other info under the card image.. Besides, its much easier to recognize a card..
    Better searching filters, saving that searching filters, and saving selected cards into diferent saving lists

    Hope this app continue getting better, great job..

    And the price, im not saying that it doesn’t worth the 5dl, but maby by lowering the price it would make more people to buy, much more people to justify that price.. My thoughts

  • Michael says:

    There is already a settings option (in both apps) that will auto-display the card image of the first printing when you are on wifi. Go to Setting app -> MTG Guide.
    Better more powerful searching is top of the todo list now the iOS 7 stuff is done.
    Sorry, I’ve tried lower prices and the sales are mostly unrelated to price. I’m devaluing myself and the app by pricing it lower.

  • Jon says:

    Just wanted to say that MTG Guide & MTG Trades are very well done apps! As a programmer, magic player, and judge I can’t speak highly enough about them. In fact, it was a level 2 judge who introduced me to MTG Guide as a tool for quickly checking rulings. Keep up the amazing work!!

  • Joseph says:

    Do you have legality for block constructed formats?

  • Michael says:

    No, MTG Guide does not have legality for block constructed formats.

  • Adrian says:

    Hi! Can this App search cards via castingcost?

  • Michael says:

    Not really. You can sort of do this in MTG Guide by doing a search, selecting Text search and entering “{2}{U}”

  • Phil says:

    Am I the only one who has experienced problems with prices displaying lately ?

  • Michael says:

    No, you’re not. Please update app to version 3.10 and the pricing issues are fixed.

  • Phil says:

    I did the latest update, but there is still pricing issues. 🙁

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