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MTG Trades app iconMTG Trades gives you the tools you need for trading Magic cards, right at your fingertips, on your iPhone, iPad or IPod Touch. It includes card prices by expansion or card name, lets you store a watchlist of wanted cards, allows you to track cards you have loaned or borrowed, even calculate the value of a trade and view your trade history.

Available on the App StoreFeatures:
● View price information for every physical Magic card, by individual printings.
● Download database and prices updates from within the app, for later offline use.
● Save cards to your Want List so you always know what you’re looking for during trades and how much they’re worth.
● Enter cards in the trade calculator to quickly evaluate the equity of the trade.
● Store a history of your past trades along with current and at-the-time price information.
● Track cards you have lent out or borrowed from other people.
● Prices are courtesy of
● Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
● Complete iCloud syncing.

This app has been carefully designed to be simple and fast to use.
If you have any suggestions for improvements, please suggest them via twitter (@MTGApps) or the website –

This app is not produced or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


  • chris says:

    Loved this app on my iPhone, very sad to not see android support.

  • Michael says:

    Sorry Chris, the iOS apps keep me more than busy enough.

  • matthew says:

    This app is absolutely essential for traders, collectors, and the like. The fact that you can save values and access offline is a huge plus. I use the app on my IPad with a keyboard and it works great for pricing out collections fast.

    For 5+ dollars it is very much worth it.

    What I love:
    Stores previous trades and shows you present value and value at the time the trade happend.
    Offline caching for card value, text, photos.
    tcg pricing.

    what it needs:
    A feature to add your own custom list. (my collection)
    A feature to export as a csv or txt to be later opened in excel etc.
    The ability to choose high,low,med from tcg for trade values.

    What would be nice but not necessary:
    Price tracking data? Past year prices like on mtg goldfish? Not essential but would be awsome.

  • Michael says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I am considering collection management, but this requires some more thought.

    I will also consider some export. I’ll probably look at which trading websites this makes sense with.

    The app used to have the ability to select either high, med or low as your default for trades. When TCGplayer added foils to their API they deprecated the high and low prices, so for foils and possibly normal cards in the future we can only use med, which is why the option disappeared and probably won’t return.

    I’m actively working on price tracking data. I have data for over 12 months. This is coming!

  • Dave says:

    Still loving the app – but it looks like the price-at-trade gets updated at random times. Consequently the trades all seem to follow the current value rather than the (usually about 0) difference at the time of trade.

  • Dave says:

    Ah – sorry. Didn’t see there’s an option to toggle the current and at-time trade value. Ignore me and keep up the good work!

  • Chris says:

    Really REALLY need a TCG Low addition to the trade matrix, this feature alone I would pay 20.00 for, I like being able to use the mid but mid does not accurately always represent cards properly for trading.

  • Michael says:

    An earlier version of the app actually had a settings option to use low prices. The reason I took this away is that the TCGplayer API doesn’t support low prices for foil cards and promos. This is also the reason that you can’t currently see cheapest sellers for foil cards.

    I actually have permission from TCGplayer to get these prices via a different method, and I just now implemented cheapest sellers for foil cards for next version.

    To add low prices for foil cards I will need to change my code to get and store this from the cheapest sellers and do this for all cards daily, so I can provide low prices for all cards as part of my complete prices updates. I’lll do this soon.

    If you’re happy the changes and want to send me some money via Paypal gift or something as thanks, that would definitely be appreciated. 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    One more request for a “TCGplayer Low” option on the trade section. Aside from that, this app is extremely well done and exactaly what I was looking for. Keep up the great work!

  • Harrison says:

    Can you use iTunes money to purchase cards with this app?

  • Michael says:

    Andrew, TCGplayer low will be added in an update. I had to work around the fact their API doesn’t provide ‘low’ prices for foils.

  • Michael says:

    Harrison, Sorry, no.

  • Seb says:

    Hi, thank you for your app and its fair price.
    I used it to mark all the cards that would be a good addition to my collection as ‘Wanted’. And I would like to use an Excel-like application to sort these potential acquisitions by priority. Yes, I know, I could have created several lists in your app but I need some custom flags and comments and for me this is the best way to maintain such a huge list.
    I am facing 2 problems with that:
    1°) the ‘mailto’ export is not a CSV file. But that is not unsolvable and I could parse your current ‘text’ output to build a CSV file.
    2°) I cannot choose to export other useful information such as casting cost, CMC and card text. And this would be a fantastic addition for me because I don’t know all these cards by hart.
    If you can’t do this, is it possible to get a dump of your database to fill in the blanks?

  • Ivan Petković says:

    Is it possible to get prices from since it is more relevant in Europe? Thx

  • Pekka Warling says:

    Hi, I would really like to have the pricing info from
    Otherwise a great app.

  • Grant D says:

    Hi, I love your app, I use it every time I trade. Unfortunately I do have an iPhone, (only an ipad which is very tedious to drag around)I would pay more than it costs on ios if it was on android. Will the app be added to android anytime soon? Please add it to android it would be fantastic. Thanks for such a great app.

  • Benji says:

    Hey need, thanks for making this app. I’ve been using this app since 2014 and I’ve never even considered an alternative – it’s that good. Unfortunately I had to upgrade to an Android for about a dozen reasons, but know you’ve got a loyal customer and avid supporter if you ever bring it across the OS divide. Thanks for a stupendous product.

  • Christian Steffanini says:

    I’ve owned this app for years. I some how got my app stuck on low pricing ever since it got taken away. anyway to change it or fix this issue?

  • Michael says:

    Go into the iOS Settings app, scroll down to MTG Trades, and there is an option to change the pricing used for display.

  • Adam Lee Warner says:

    Slick app, well made. Wish I’d realized the only trade was TCG Median before I paid $7.50 for it. I get the lack of TCG low accessibility, but at least make it so people can manually change the value for the entry. Why would I validate something at the median of say $7.99 when the low is $3.29, that’s crazy.

  • Michael says:

    You can change the app to display TCGplayer Low or Market price via the iOS Settings app (scroll down to MTG Trades and select pricing).

  • Duncan says:

    Is there any way to change the display pricing to AUD?

  • Norman says:

    I LOVE THIS APP!! Can we get this goodness on Droid as well? I have been using MTGTrades for over 8 years and it IS A MUST ! For all MTG players/Collectors! If you don’t have this APP then you live in a cave! Thank you so very much!

  • Michael says:

    Sorry, there is no currency conversion support currently.

  • Cole Christiansen says:

    Awesome app!! Hope to see the Streets of new cap promos logged into the app soon

  • Barry says:

    Would also like to vote for an android version since I went from apple to huawei last year and I do miss this app, so useful for keeping track of all past trades

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