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Posted by Michael on May 27, 2010 in Legal, MTG Planes app |

After further discussion with Wizard of the Coast’s lawyers, it seems that the Planes App violates the Wizards website Terms of Use, by connecting to and downloading Plane images and card text from the site. While there are many commercial and free third party sites using Magic card images and text for both commercial and free purposes, all I can say is that Wizards were definitely not happy about the Planes App doing it. I speculate that they perhaps saw it as a threat to sales of the Planechase product. Anyway, I will be honouring their wishes and therefore won’t be returning the App to sale.

This result is a little sad given the amount of time and effort I put into designing and developing the App. On the other hand, I have received nothing but good feedback from those that tried or have seen the App. And hey, maybe Wizards will one-day develop their own App and we might see Planechase on the iPhone again!


  • Some Guy says:

    This is terrible! I would gladly pay for this app so that Wizards could be recompensated!
    It looks amazing from what I saw, and this is exactly the kind of thing that ought to exist.
    Were Wizards not prepared to come to any agreement? Hell if I were them I would’ve bought it off you!
    Is there no way for the app to be resurrected on Cydia or something?
    I don’t mean to encourage you to act illegally but the app is pretty similar to deck builders that still exist, you can view all the cards already, not sure if you can randomize their order but combine that a dice that you get in life counter apps and your halfway to this app in principle.
    Anyway gutted you made something that cool and shot down, keep up the good work.

  • Michael says:

    I agree, but you’ll have to request such a thing from Wizards directly. They were clear about not being interested in partnering with external people on such projects.
    Sorry, I have no interest in releasing this on Cydia or anywhere else. Wizards specifically asked me not to release it anywhere else. I have no interest in angering them when I am working on creating useful MTG related software.

  • Erick Funes says:

    This is so sad. I play commander all the time with planes and i use iphone. I have not seen a better app than this one for planechase. It is so sad we cannot use it or buy it anymore

  • Max Hess says:

    Dude, you really gotta get that back i just found it and theres nothing else on the app store related in any way to it

  • Rich says:

    So sad I missed this app on iPad. Am getting by using random number generator and images o planes, but this would have done everything in one app!

  • Chi Sarades says:

    I understand why wizards demanded to take down the app. But I hate it that they don’t spread the word of planechase or archenemy games or sale them in certain stores. The price in getting those cards r way over price. They should advertise these games more.

  • CryptRatDaddy says:

    Do you think it would anger them if the mechanics were built in to a generic app where the user had to type the text for the cards in and force the interactions themselves? I don’t know what kind of work would be involved, but I would not be opposed to typing the card text in, and just using the chase and “scry” mechanics of the app. i really think the app you made was amazing and the function saves people the trouble of having to drive around with a metric ton of oddly sized cards to play extremely fun variations of the game. Either way, I am sorry you got shut down on this, and keep up the great work on apps!!

  • Silver says:

    I effing HATE WotC for doing this. Okay guys. Fine. You wanna take this app down? Go ahead. But give us an official app then! I want to play Planechase outside of Dotp13 without paying an arm and a leg for the decks, dammit! >:-(

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