July 2010 Guide database update

Posted by Michael on Jul 27, 2010 in MTG Guide app |

The MTG Guide database has been updated with the July 2010 Magic Comprehensive Rules changes (Emblems galore!) and also to add the Oracle text for Vanguard cards and online avatars. We’re still waiting for Wizards to update Gatherer with the corresponding Oracle changes they announced the week before last, so it doesn’t include those changes.

2010-07-31 – Update: Oracle text update has now also been released as
(Sorry about strange version numbers. They work around a bug in Guide 1.2.)

Get the database update by clicking the “Update” button in the app, or by following the instructions in this post if you don’t see that button appear. Enjoy!


  • Josh says:

    First of all thank you for publishing what is in my opinion the best mtg database on the iPod yet. Just 2 requests.
    1). List of which set each card appears in.
    2). The ability to keep “lists” of favorite cards.
    If these features were implemented I would be incredibly happy.
    Thanks for your time,

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Josh,

    I appreciate the comments and feedback. I’m glad you like the app. Please consider leaving some positive feedback about it on the App Store.

    As for your requests: number #1 is currently under development! I hadn’t considered favourites lists, but I will think about how that might be integrated into the app, perhaps as a set of bookmarks that point to particular cards, rules or other information.

    I’ve just submitted a major update to the app that should make it even more useful for tournament players. This update adds the Magic Tournament Rules, the Infraction Procedure Guide, ability to follow links to related rules in the Comp Rules and some initial support for iPads.


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