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Posted by Michael on Jul 10, 2010 in MTG Guide app, Release |

I’ve figured out that (at least right now, i.e. soon after a major iOS update) the iTunes Store review process is too slow to rely on for providing timely database updates for things like Magic prereleases, where having access to the FAQs, new card text and rules changes are doubly important. For this reason, MTG Guide v1.2 includes the ability to update its internal database over the internet as a small download. So while I can’t get this past the iTunes review process in time for the M11 prerelease, you’ll have it for the release and future prereleases.

Version 1.2 is currently in review, and the update should be available shortly. It contains the following improvements:
● Download database updates for new sets from within the app.
● Ability to search full oracle text and rulings text for cards (as requested by several users). Note, this is slightly slower than title search.
● Several minor fixes and cosmetic improvements.
And the database updates are:
● Add card text for M11 cards.
● Add M11 card-specific FAQ entries.
● Fix missing loyalty values for some Planeswalkers.


  • Hunter42 says:

    What about adding Price Data to the App. 🙂 Michael

  • Michael says:

    Hi Hunter42,

    While I don’t feel MTG Guide is exactly the right kind of app to put price data in, don’t worry — I’m working on an app for MTG that will be a really nice, complete solution for traders. 😉


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