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Posted by Michael on Jul 17, 2010 in MTG Guide app |

When you first install the MTG Guide 1.2 update, you will need to download a database update from within the app to add the M11 card text and rulings. Due to some quirks with the way settings work on the iPhone, if you don’t see the “Update” button then you may need to visit the system preferences page for MTG Guide so the app sees its new settings. Specifically, follow these steps:

  • Close the MTG Guide app (only required if you have iOS 4 and an iPhone that support multitasking).
  • Open the System Preferences app and visit the MTG Guide settings.
  • Make sure the “Check for updates” setting is set to YES (the default).
  • Open MTG Guide app and after loading you should see an “Update” button appear on the top left of the navigation bar. Click this to download and apply the database update.
  • You can check it has worked because you should be able to search for M11 cards, and the System Preferences will show the app’s database version as 1.2.2 (now

Please contact me via email or twitter if you have any difficulties.

My apologies for this issue. I have a fix for it, but it will be close to a week before that update gets through the app store review process and out to you guys.

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