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Posted by Michael on Aug 13, 2010 in MTG Guide app |

I recently got a chance to use an iPad with MTG Guide v1.2 on it. While it’s great that Apple allows for iPads to run iPhone apps, using them at their small native size or in ‘x2’ mode is not a very satisfying experience, at least it wasn’t for MTG Guide.

For the MTG Guide 2.0 update, I’ve added initial support for iPads. While I haven’t yet included iPad specific views or orientations, this update does make MTG Guide a native iPad application that uses the same navigation interactions as on the iPhone, but with a display and text sizes drastically improved. Hopefully this makes the app much more usable for iPad owners. If you’re an iPad owner, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Below are five screenshots showing MTG Guide 2.0 on iPad:


  • Peter says:

    Thank you, a thousand times thank you! Thank you for doing a version for the iPad. So far it looks great. So much easier to read. I left you a great 5 stars review in the app store and recommend it to fellow MtG players. Been able to stump a (bad) judge a few times now becasue of your app. Thanks for that. Where can I find the latest database to update it though? I saw it noted in your Twitter post but can not seem to find the link here on your site, not yet. Thanks … again.

  • Michael says:

    Hi Peter,

    You download the update through the “Updates” tab in the app. Tap the “Download database update” button under the “Database Updates” heading. Let me know if you have any issues.

    Glad you like the app! And thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated.


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