MTG Guide 2.4 and other recent improvements

Posted by Michael on Feb 3, 2011 in Database Updates, MTG Guide app |

First up, I was able to release the 2.3.3 database update an hour or two after Gatherer was updated with Mirrodin Besieged, so everyone should have had access to the MBS cards and rulings at their prereleases. I certainly did, and Australia was one of the first to start cracking their faction packs.

Secondly, I just pushed out the 2.3.4 database update, which adds several judge requests to the app. It adds the “Judging at Regular REL” as Section 0 to the MTR tab. It also adds the useful appendix sections that were missing from the MTR and IPG documents. You can see some of this in the screenshots below…

But wait, why do those screens (from an iPad) look different from mine, you ask? Well, that’s because they’re from the upcoming 2.4 version of the app which give the iPad version of the app some love. Don’t worry though, there’s also some improvements for iPhone users, like speeding up the database loading to the point that the “loading” spinners are no longer required or used, except in the Updates tab. I can tell you that these both make the app even nicer to use.

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