Guide 2.4 available now, 2.5 to follow

Posted by Michael on Mar 12, 2011 in MTG Guide app, Release |

MTG Guide 2.4 became available on the App Store yesterday. It includes a reworked split-view interface for iPad, and much faster loading, as mentioned in the previous posts. Sadly, it also includes a bug where the search fields can stop responding for iPad users. To fix this, 2.5 has been submitted to Apple and will hopefully be released shortly.

If you’re interested in the delay since the post a month ago, I had originally thought 2.4 was close to release at that point. In testing I found some subtle bugs related to using UINavigationController and UISearchDisplayControllers inside split views which are in turn inside a tab bar. Apple recommends only using some of these objects as the top level views and very strange things can happen during events like rotation when you embed them several levels deep. To properly fix this and create a nicer search experience, I ended up reimplementing my own navigation and search controllers.

Version 2.5

  • Fix a bug where search bars could become unresponsive on iPad.

Version 2.4

  • Customised iPad view layouts, with support for all orientations.
  • Judge request: Tap oracle text to hide/show rulings and set info.
  • Speed up loading of card lists, and remove loading screens.
  • Allow users to tap-and-hold to copy oracle card text and rulings.
  • Move Judging at Regular REL doc to the start of the IPG (from MTR).

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