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Posted by Michael on Nov 23, 2011 in General MTG, Tokens |

I’ve always liked token cards. So, back when we were drafting a ton of Ravnica block, I wrote some code to generate token cards I could print out using the artwork from Magic online. This was left to rot when Wizards start printing token cards in Tenth Edition.

Recently, Ron Spencer asked the community for help on how some of his artwork was used for Magic Online, since he doesn’t receive artist proofs for artwork used in this way.

I had a quick look and there didn’t seem to be any nice renderings for these, so I spent a little bit of time to get my old code working again, to whip up these for him:

Spirit token (Masters Edition II)
Created by the card Broken Visage

Thopter token (Exodus)
Created by the card Thopter Squadron

Hornet token (Stronghold)
Created by the card Hornet Cannon

Gnome token (Urza’s Saga)
Created by the card Metrognome


  • Lady Val says:

    I too like TOKENS..Especially any ArtWork that RON is involved with..I don’t understand the process to make these BUT are they available For Sale ??

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Val. They are just my higher-quality renderings of the token used in Magic Online. There are no physical versions, but feel free to download the images and print them out to use.

  • Milton says:

    I love those, I’ve been looking for renderings of mtgo tokens for a long time and those were some that I was missing.
    Do you happen to have more than these and the Minion and Squirrel? 😀

  • Michael says:

    Hi Milton,
    I have kept images, set and artist information for most MTGO tokens, so I could generate more. If I do this I will post them here and let you know.

  • Milton says:

    That would be appreciated, thank you.

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