More new Ron Spencer tokens

Posted by Michael on Dec 12, 2011 in General MTG, Tokens |

In my last post I created renderings for the Ron Spencer token artwork from Magic Online. Coincidentally, shortly afterwards, the Mercadian Masques block update appeared in Magic Online and brought with it two new Ron Spencer token cards which you can see below. (I also fixed the Hornet in the previous post to have a colourless frame. Whoops.)

Minion token (Prophecy)
Created by the card Infernal Genesis

Squirrel token (Prophecy)
Created by the card Squirrel Wrangler


  • Ron Spencer says:

    These are out online already!
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these posts, Michael!!
    Very, VERY excellent work!
    Thanks again for helping me out with these images.

  • stevodevo says:

    ron, im a returning player… i sold all my cards a long time ago but i always held on to my squirrel token from the unglued set.

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