New features in Guide 2.11

Posted by Michael on Jul 12, 2012 in MTG Guide app |

MTG Guide 2.11 should be released very shortly. For this version I rewrote the document rules view. If you are following a link (e.g., rule 702.92) or conducting a search, the view now shows the full text of the whole rule greyed out and highlights the section/paragraph matching your query. If necessary, it also auto scrolls the view to the firstt match. This allows you to quickly see the text of the search results, but also to be able to read them in context without having to navigate manually to the parent rule.

For judges it has a few preferences options, including one to display David Lyford-Smith’s comprehensive “Gathered” lapsing trigger reference. If you turn this option on, the trigger reference will display at the top of the card notes section, just below the oracle text (see the screenshot below).

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