MTG Trades 1.5 released

Posted by Michael on Feb 4, 2013 in MTG Trades app, Release |

MTG Trades 1.5 is now available for download from the App Store. Change log is as follows:

● Added promo cards to app database.
● More descriptive trades summary in the Trades view.
● Full text search for card names, e.g., “tusk” matches “Thragtusk”.
● You can now a add card to any want list from the detailed card view.
● More iCloud syncing fixes and improvements.
● Fix bug with prices getting reverted to older values.
● Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

● [Fix] A bug searching for cards with an apostrophe in views for quickly adding cards.
● [Fix] Merging of prices database for new app versions.
● [Fix] A possible crash bug with loading sets information.
● [Fix] One pixel gap for Trades view shadow on iPad Mini and non-retina iPad.
● [Fix] Selection of trade row after adding a new trade.
● [Fix] TCGplayer link not working if MTG Guide isn’t installed.
● [Fix] iPad search bar display issue after updating card database.
● [Fix] Crash if the user tries to copy some non-text table cells.
● [Fix] Incorrect sorting of cards for set if using low or high prices.

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