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Posted by Michael on Mar 10, 2013 in App Reviews, MTG Trades app |

The reviews for MTG Trades 1.6 over the last few days have made me really happy. I worked particularly hard on the version 1.6. It didn’t look too different, but I invested a lot of time in fixing obscure crash bugs, and providing a really good user experience. I’m excited the recent reviews reflect this, and people are increasingly happy with the app.

Professional quality ★★★★★
by MagnorCriol – MTG Trades – Version 1.6 – Mar 5, 2012
Every bit as streamlined and professional as his other app, MTG Guide, this app is just about everything you want from a trading app – intuitive interface, swift price retrieval, an easy-to-understand trade screen, fast (and holistic!) card search functions, the works. Worth the price tag if you do trading with *any* amount of regularity.

Well worth it ★★★★★
by gaeface325 – MTG Trades – Version 1.6 – Mar 6, 2012
This app is, in my opinion, the top mtg trading app on the market. To be able to manage loans when going to ptq’s, gpt’s, gp’s, and fnm’s is well worth the investment. No longer do i have to wonder what i loaned out or borrowed by the end of a very long day or days. The off line pricing is top notch for those places that you go that don’t have wifi. I will be using this app for years to come and recommending it to all my friends and everyone i trade with. Well worth the 5 dollars.

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