MTG Trades 1.8 released

Posted by Michael on Jun 29, 2013 in MTG Guide app |

You asked for it: MTG Trades now supports foil cards and pricing, and knows all the promo cards!

● Add support for foil cards throughout app.
● Add support for updating all card prices.
● Allow cash to be added or removed from trades.
● Update database with recent expansions and promos.
● [Fix] Bug with app forgetting downloaded set symbol images.
● [Fix] Bug where app couldn’t fetch prices for split cards.
● [Fix] Crash in view for adding cards to lists, loans and trades.
● [Fix] Rare crash when downloading missing set symbols.
● [Fix] Rare crash due to card image loading.
● Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Please re-rate this new version on the App Store. Thank you!

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