Why no iOS 7 update for MTG Trades?

Posted by Michael on Sep 18, 2013 in MTG Guide app |

You may have noticed that MTG Guide got an interface update for iOS 7, and MTG Trades didn’t. The interface updates for MTG Trades are actually ready, but Apple have rearchitected their iCloud syncing implementation, and I’ve just found out it is not safe to release an update built with the new interface and iCloud implementation if people have old devices or data created using iOS 5 or 6. This didn’t show problems in testing, but someone from Apple has just advised that it is a very bad idea and could cause all manner of problems later.

What’s the plan?

It looks like I will be forced to release a new app, MTG Trades 2, which will be iOS 7 only. (I will keep releasing free database updates for the last version of MTG Trades). I am currently testing the sync in the new version and am looking into ways of importing people’s existing data. This is less than ideal, but will result in better and reliable syncing of people’s data and fix all the iCloud related problems people have encountered.


  • John Dorman says:

    So I just bought mtg trades does that mean I’m going to need to buy mtg trades 2 to get the new version.

  • Michael says:

    Hi John, Regrettably yes. that’s why I have put the note in the app store description of the current version, warning people of this.

  • dan says:

    have an eta yet??

  • chard says:

    Is there an ETA on v2.0 being available in the store?

  • Michael says:

    Version 2 is being beta tested and I will likely submit it to the App Store today or tomorrow, so within a week from today is when you can expect it.

  • Michael says:

    I discovered some more issues so these updates are still not submitted. Present ETA to store 10 days.

  • chard says:

    So desperate that I might have to buy your old version 🙁

  • Gary Merchant of El Paso says:

    My devotion to this app is low because it is taking forever to show up.

  • Michael says:

    Sorry Gary, I won’t release it until I’m sure it doesn’t have any remaining problems. I’m focusing on making sure the iCloud syncing is fast, robust and doesn’t lose data. All problems in version 1 that caused people a lot of issues. I understand your frustration, but sadly the relevant information from Apple about what to do and not to do with this code only became available around iOS 7 launch and we still don’t have sample code from Apple (promised about four months ago) or concrete answers to questions, so it’s a lot of developers trying to come to consensus on what best to do. This is not helped by the fact that Apple don’t use this CoreData+iCloud sync mechanism in any of their own shipping apps. Version 2 is very close to release, but I’m being extra careful in testing corner cases in the sync and the data export/import from version 1. Hopefully you realise a month is not too long in the scheme of things and you can continue using the old app, it just doesn’t look that nice.

  • Dan Sanders says:

    I do IT for the Chicago board of trade, Can I help test this app, ill even kick you a few bucks not trying to get it for free just trying to use it and troubleshoot

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Dan, I’ve sent you an email.

  • Michael says:

    Finally, MTG Trades 2 has been approved by Apple and is available for sale.
    It is a new app and is half-price for a limited time.

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