Shadows over Innistrad database updates

Posted by Michael on Apr 9, 2016 in Database Updates, MTG Guide app, MTG Trades app |

Database updates are available now for both apps with Shadows over Innistrad and various rules updates:

  • Added expansion — Shadows over Innistrad.
  • Added expansion — Welcome Deck 2016.
  • March 2016 Oracle card text update.
  • April 2016 Comprehensive Rules update.
  • April 2016 Magic Tournament Rules update.
  • April 2016 Infraction Procedure Guide update.
  • April 2016 Legality updates for format rotation.
  • April 2016 Banned and Restricted legality changes.
  • Added Shadows over Innistrad promo cards.
  • Updated Gatherer rulings.

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