MTG Planes

The Planes app has been removed from the App Store at the request of Wizards of the Coast. It will not be returning. Please see this post for more details.

The MTG Planes app allows you to display, shuffle and move between “Plane” cards for the famous Magic card game using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This app is not produced or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Played and enjoyed the Planechase format? Don’t always carry your planar deck around with you, but have time between rounds at an event? Why not use your iPhone to play Planechase?

Please note: This app requires an internet connection for first use. The app itself does not include any planar card text or images, but prompts you to download them the first time it is run. As a result, all Planes currently on Gatherer are available in the app (currently the first 41).

* Play with all the Plane cards available on the Gatherer website.
* Select the ten or more Planes you wish to play with from the complete set.
* When in the game, tap on the Plane picture to restart (shuffle the deck) or quit the game.
* Tap on the Plane’s text to show a larger, more readable version of the Plane’s abilities.
* Tap the Planeswalk or Chaos buttons to trigger those actions (useful if you want to play with a real Planar die).
* Tap the Roll die button to have the app roll the Planar die and show the result.
* Shake the device to undo or redo Planeswalk actions.
* The app allows you to track counters on relevant Planes.
* The app handles the “Look at the top three cards of the planar deck and place them on the bottom in any order” ability.
* The app will restart the game to the same point after quitting (e.g., to swap apps or take a phone call).

While this app is no substitute for playing with the gorgeous real life Plane cards, it will allow you to get your fix of Planechase on those occasions that you don’t have your Planar deck with you.

Here is a video showing what the Planes app looks like and how you interact with it:

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