MTG Guide 3.0 and Theros database updates released

Posted by Michael on Sep 18, 2013 in Database Updates, MTG Guide app, MTG Trades app, Release

A shiny iOS 7 ready version of MTG Guide is now available for download. This might look like a minor update but the combined changes on the two apps for iOS 7 were greater than 30,000 lines of code changes and took several months. This new version requires iOS 6 and modernises a lot of the internal code.

Also, database updates for Theros are available for both apps with:

  • Added expansion — Theros.
  • September 2013 Oracle card text update.
  • September 2013 Infraction Procedure Guide update.
  • September 2013 Magic Tournament Rules update.
  • Legality updates for September 2013 format rotation.


Why no iOS 7 update for MTG Trades?

Posted by Michael on Sep 18, 2013 in MTG Guide app

You may have noticed that MTG Guide got an interface update for iOS 7, and MTG Trades didn’t. The interface updates for MTG Trades are actually ready, but Apple have rearchitected their iCloud syncing implementation, and I’ve just found out it is not safe to release an update built with the new interface and iCloud implementation if people have old devices or data created using iOS 5 or 6. This didn’t show problems in testing, but someone from Apple has just advised that it is a very bad idea and could cause all manner of problems later.

What’s the plan?

It looks like I will be forced to release a new app, MTG Trades 2, which will be iOS 7 only. (I will keep releasing free database updates for the last version of MTG Trades). I am currently testing the sync in the new version and am looking into ways of importing people’s existing data. This is less than ideal, but will result in better and reliable syncing of people’s data and fix all the iCloud related problems people have encountered.


Magic 2014 DB updates

Posted by Michael on Jul 11, 2013 in Database Updates, MTG Guide app, MTG Trades app

MTG Guide and MTG Trades both have new database updates now available with Magic 2014 expansion cards and July Oracle updates. Happy prereleasing!


MTG Trades 1.8 released

Posted by Michael on Jun 29, 2013 in MTG Guide app

You asked for it: MTG Trades now supports foil cards and pricing, and knows all the promo cards!

● Add support for foil cards throughout app.
● Add support for updating all card prices.
● Allow cash to be added or removed from trades.
● Update database with recent expansions and promos.
● [Fix] Bug with app forgetting downloaded set symbol images.
● [Fix] Bug where app couldn’t fetch prices for split cards.
● [Fix] Crash in view for adding cards to lists, loans and trades.
● [Fix] Rare crash when downloading missing set symbols.
● [Fix] Rare crash due to card image loading.
● Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Please re-rate this new version on the App Store. Thank you!


Addressing Feedback

Posted by Michael on Jun 23, 2013 in MTG Guide app

MTG Trades has had a lot of good feedback, but a few of the mediocre reviews have looked like this one:

Great interface, no foil prices
Title says it all. Trades more often than not involve foil and/or promo cards. Good update speed with new releases, but foil prices would be greatly appreciated

Happy to say that version 1.7, MTG Trades supports foil prices! It took a little while since I wanted to make sure it had a good user experience.

The update has been in review with Apple for a few days and should be available to you guys shortly.



Modern Masters DB updates

Posted by Michael on Jun 6, 2013 in Database Updates, MTG Guide app, MTG Trades app

Free in-app database updates are now available for MTG Guide and MTG Trades. Changes are:

  • Added expansion — Modern Masters.
  • Added remaining missing promo cards.

TCGplayer.com doesn’t yet list sellers and prices for all Modern Masters cards yet, but they seem to be being added fairly quickly.


Dragon’s Maze DB updates & MTG Guide 2.20

Posted by Michael on Apr 25, 2013 in Database Updates, MTG Guide app, MTG Trades app, Release

You can now update both apps to include Dragon’s Maze via the in-app Updates tab.
MTG Guide 2.20 was also just released with Next/Previous controls on iPhone, so grab that first.

Database updates for MTG Guide include:

  • Added expansion — Dragon’s Maze.
  • May 2013 Banned and Restricted list legality changes.
  • Updated Gatherer rulings.
  • May 2013 Magic Tournament Rules update.
  • May 2013 Infraction Procedure Guide update.
  • May 2013 Judging at Regular REL update.
  • Added recent promo cards to database.


Recent MTG Trades reviews

Posted by Michael on Mar 10, 2013 in App Reviews, MTG Trades app

The reviews for MTG Trades 1.6 over the last few days have made me really happy. I worked particularly hard on the version 1.6. It didn’t look too different, but I invested a lot of time in fixing obscure crash bugs, and providing a really good user experience. I’m excited the recent reviews reflect this, and people are increasingly happy with the app.

Professional quality ★★★★★
by MagnorCriol – MTG Trades – Version 1.6 – Mar 5, 2012
Every bit as streamlined and professional as his other app, MTG Guide, this app is just about everything you want from a trading app – intuitive interface, swift price retrieval, an easy-to-understand trade screen, fast (and holistic!) card search functions, the works. Worth the price tag if you do trading with *any* amount of regularity.

Well worth it ★★★★★
by gaeface325 – MTG Trades – Version 1.6 – Mar 6, 2012
This app is, in my opinion, the top mtg trading app on the market. To be able to manage loans when going to ptq’s, gpt’s, gp’s, and fnm’s is well worth the investment. No longer do i have to wonder what i loaned out or borrowed by the end of a very long day or days. The off line pricing is top notch for those places that you go that don’t have wifi. I will be using this app for years to come and recommending it to all my friends and everyone i trade with. Well worth the 5 dollars.


February rules documents database update

Posted by Michael on Feb 5, 2013 in Database Updates, MTG Guide app

Yet another new MTG Guide database update (2.17.4) now available, adding February Comp Rules, IPG and recent promos. Available via the Updates tab in the app.


MTG Trades 1.5 released

Posted by Michael on Feb 4, 2013 in MTG Trades app, Release

MTG Trades 1.5 is now available for download from the App Store. Change log is as follows:

● Added promo cards to app database.
● More descriptive trades summary in the Trades view.
● Full text search for card names, e.g., “tusk” matches “Thragtusk”.
● You can now a add card to any want list from the detailed card view.
● More iCloud syncing fixes and improvements.
● Fix bug with prices getting reverted to older values.
● Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

● [Fix] A bug searching for cards with an apostrophe in views for quickly adding cards.
● [Fix] Merging of prices database for new app versions.
● [Fix] A possible crash bug with loading sets information.
● [Fix] One pixel gap for Trades view shadow on iPad Mini and non-retina iPad.
● [Fix] Selection of trade row after adding a new trade.
● [Fix] TCGplayer link not working if MTG Guide isn’t installed.
● [Fix] iPad search bar display issue after updating card database.
● [Fix] Crash if the user tries to copy some non-text table cells.
● [Fix] Incorrect sorting of cards for set if using low or high prices.

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